Reliance Water Heater Agreement

Well, I think we`d better worry, because we just installed our Water Heater (12 year old tank) from The Home Depot 3 years ago. So far, so good. With renting, you don`t have to worry about maintenance or replacement fees, as this is part of the service contract, but if you own a water heater, you`re on the hook for any issues that arise after the warranty expires. Rented by Reliance for over 12 years and the heater blew a hole and flooded the basement, both for service and mantrance, bought one from Lowe`s Good Bye Rental. It was the second that broke out and caused damage. Ontario residents can rent a water heater from Direct Energy or Reliance Home Comfort for between US$13 and US$26 per month, depending on the size of the tank. .

Posted on: October 4, 2021, by : greyson