Sperm Donor Agreement New York

Yes, there are exceptions. States are very different when it comes to their sperm donation and legal ancestry laws. In Pennsylvania, it is genetics that determine legal ancestry. In other words, if a DNA test shows that the known donor is the father, he is considered a legal father – even if his name is not on the birth certificate. If you are thinking of using a sperm donor to receive a child, then it is essential that you have a sperm donor agreement. David Badanes and Badanes Law Office, P.C. can design your sperm donation agreement to ensure you are protected and aware of your rights. Couples or individuals who have frozen sperm after they have finished starting their families should also think about how this will be treated in the event of divorce or after their death. The disposal of frozen ova, embryos and sperm should be agreed between the parties. Christopher argued that Nichole should not be recognized as the mother of Jessica`s child, as the state`s artificial insemination law only applies if a licensed doctor conducts the procedure. While the court acknowledged that the law did not apply to Jessica`s case, it concluded that the insemination law did not provide the “exclusive means” for a non-biological parent to determine the filiation of a child born of artificial insemination. While not patently false, this finding runs counter to rulings in many other states where courts have ruled that a donor has the right to seek parental rights if the requirements of the donor`s status have not been met. However, the establishment of a sperm donation agreement prior to medical insemination may help determine the intention of the parties.

In the absence of an agreement, the welfare of the standard for childcare will be used. If these conditions are met, a sperm donor in New York is not the legal father of the child under New York law. There is no dispute between the parties for Christopher to provide the sperm that led to the conception of Jessica`s child. He is the biological father of the child. But this means nothing legally, unless its biological link corresponds to the treatment of the relationship by law. Jessica and Nichole argued that the court should deny the DNA test order because they were entitled to a presumption of legitimacy (the New York term for the presumption of marriage discussed above) and the Court of Appeals agreed. . . .

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