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Where administrative tasks meet comprehensive solution design. Most tasks can be handled by Off Speed Solutions for an affordable price without an employee in-house. Quality and service as good or better than an on-site employee. Ask about our introductory rates!

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Marketing Services

Go beyond superficial metrics and tactical trickery and start thinking about the person (so they think about you). We identify and address potential hidden strategic issues that make your business less appealing to your target demographic. Our plans can include digital, event marketing, and traditional media, with referrals to quality media buyers.

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Media Solutions

The media business is changing. Consumers define quality by your authenticity. Support your property with content, advisory, promotions, and sales support.

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Is fake news caused by direct response marketing? And what is the real solution for marketers and content providers?

As someone who works on holistic approaches to marketing, political communication, and media content, I pay close attention to ideas that can help to make these disciplines work together to build a better society, so Doc Searls' work on "fake news" and bad content intrigued me. But I was disappointed…

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