Holistic Marketing

The Constructive, Holistic Path to Successful Communication

Off Speed Solutions’ Holistic Marketing Programs include demographic and community analysis, strategic alignment, brand development, brand response, media buying, and attribution. We look primarily at the alignment of your whole business to the consumers you are seeking, so that your entire operation supports the agenda and objectives of your marketing plan for sustainable results.

Greyson Peltier has a background both in political communication and business marketing on both client and media vendor sides, allowing him to comprehensively analyze your unique circumstances for precise, appropriate action.

Our Process:

  1. Understand your business, its potential customers, and their contexts.
  2. Develop appropriate objectives based on budget and business plans.
  3. Build a creative story around your business that connects it to your target customer.
  4. Create and implement media plans that prioritize gaining BOTH positive brand signals and response generation, adding reach, frequency, and volume in a cost-efficient manner as appropriate.
  5. Review results constantly for efficiency, optimization, and community alignment.