Political + Community

Let us be the first to tell you that your ideas matter and that you can win.

Elite-Level Advocacy with An Inclusive Approach that Builds Solidarity with Working-Class and Disadvantaged Populations

Orange County, CA Political Consultant and Los Angeles, CA Political Consultant serving Progressive/Left-Wing Causes

Off Speed Solutions’ Political and Community Engagement services leverage unique ideas from culture, art, marketing, economic theories, and an understanding of citizens’ real-world experience to advise organizations on the “social interface” of their operations. We find unique mechanisms of intervention that create astonishing and unexpected changes in public opinion. A holistic approach that spans past public relations, “covering” efforts, and defense to leverage the preferences of stakeholders has the best potential to gain an optimal outcome for all parties involved. Prevention and building a community-oriented process and culture within a business, political movement, or non-profit can mean the difference between acceptance or knee-jerk rejection of the project or idea being proposed.

Greyson leverages his experience as a board member for The L3 Foundation, the parent organization of Tea Party Youth, to know the other side better than anyone else, combined with years of observation and study of politics, and a journey through some of the most interesting and impactful parts of art and culture, to create novel approaches to clients’ challenges.

Off Speed Solutions is not just a creative communication firm that tells stories to the public nor are we just political tacticians who look to “score against” your perceived opponent, we utilize a creative conceptualization and community focus in applying appropriate strategy for the best possible outcome. We bring the mindset the creative services organizations use to convey information “backed into” the entire approach. Our goal is to reconcile and not divide to benefit all stakeholders and give you a good, long-term return on investment.

Services Offered:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Preventive Services
  • Issue Analysis – find the “real issue” behind the “symptoms” in your experience
  • Cultural and Social Analysis – understand the context where the problem is and find the solution that works in that context
  • Partnership Identification and Alignment Analysis – Go behind the obvious to find great partners
  • Reconciliation and Mediation Approaches
  • Creative/Media Content Services
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Services, including Digital, Social, Traditional, Influencer, and Events.
  • Opinion Research
  • Alternative Resolution and Funding Options – making “end runs” around large-scale policy intervention that may be untimely or inefficient
  • Business Process Support
  • Case Management – a single contact point for managing persons and groups with a multitude of concerns arising from social and political challenges, caring one-on-one for the most important element of activism and reconciliation: your people.
  • Case Advocacy – managing the challenges of each individual case by attaining the resources needed for the best stakeholder welfare.
  • Working with alternative and “extreme” subcultural ideas as leverage points
  • Coordination with other organizations, contractors, teams, and agencies.