Off Speed Solutions is a holistic marketing, consulting, community engagement, and business support firm founded by Greyson C. Peltier. We offer a wide range of high-quality, affordable services that allow businesses, political organizations, and community organizations to best address their greatest challenges. From workflow and bookkeeping to media content to cultural and social research, rest assured we will provide you with the labor, resources, strategic input, and technological know-how your business needs.

Our True Full-Service Approach means that all resources and stakeholders are evaluated and managed in a collaborative fashion while fully analyzing the problems your business faces. Gaining a complete view of your unique situation allows us to not just see the symptoms but the true problems themselves and determine a course of action to address them efficiently and effectively. Often times, the problem is not as it seems and time and energy are wasted on short-term solutions that may fade or create their own pathologies in the future.

The name Off Speed is a baseball reference, but here represents the idea that once overlooked players, the ones who maybe weren’t the strongest or the fastest, in the marketplace of ideas can achieve victory by mastering specific strategies and choosing to operate with an uncommon game plan. It comes from the off speed pitch in baseball and our founder’s observations that pitchers who couldn’t throw as hard can succeed in spite of not throwing the hardest. Conventional wisdom would have seen them as having little value, until they showed their ability, just as in politics, advocacy, and socially responsible business, many get wrongly written off, their potential and the potential for needed social change thrown away. Hope destroyed. But we believe in Uncommon Solutions for Uncommon Results. Through embracing ideas outside the norm, we restore hope for our clients and communities when others simply cannot.

About Greyson:

Greyson C. Peltier is the Founder and Lead Strategist at Off Speed Solutions and has years of combined administrative/business, marketing, media, and political experience. He specializes in the use of alternative culture to create lasting social change beyond the limits of conventional campaigning, philanthropy, and social responsibility methods. Starting with his own Internet radio show and radio call-ins at age 12, he has a keen eye for analyzing a variety of issues, is skilled in communicating a vision to all stakeholders, and effectively provides and coordinates operational  support.

His experience includes serving as VP and Executive Assistant for a start-up foodservice company where he collaborated on the company’s overall business plan, designed a website, handled bookkeeping and payroll, assisted with legal documents and litigation preparation, and spearheaded an entire new division. He also has been a reporter and commentator for Huffington Post’s Patch, Government Accountability Network, and others, creating news stories, investigative stories, and commentaries. His political commentary and activism experience has allowed him to serve as a Board Member for The L3 Foundation, for whom he also handled social media efforts. Peltier gained further expertise in digital media as a fellow for Commaful through lectures and a variety of program challenges. He also interned with Probolsky Research, a well-recognized political opinion research firm.

He is a graduate of the University of Southern California with honors, where he conducted research into the political preferences of young evangelicals, using a methodology and specific focus on a key issue of social justice not seen in published studies. Additionally, Greyson holds five Associate’s degrees from Coastline College, where he was a Valedictorian and co-founder of the college’s chapter of the Alpha Beta Gamma honor society.