Business Support


We offer a variety of flexible service arrangements to our advocacy clients to assist in the practical implementation of strategies for optimal success. If it’s not listed, please ask!

General Business Support:

Phone Calls (answering and making)
Customer Service
Basic Remote Tech Support
Legal Writing (for attorneys, law firms, legal departments, and journalistic purposes, Greyson is not a licensed legal document assistant)
Calendar and Scheduling
Appointment Reminder Calls
Research (including online research, legal research [for legal pros and non-legal uses only], and opinion studies)
Product/service comparison shopping
Booking travel, restaurants, catering
Mailing documents


Marketing Plans
Broadcast Media Planning, Advisory, and Sales Support
Drafting Marketing Materials
Social Media Set-Up and Posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
Email Marketing Set-Up and Content Writing
Web Content Drafting/Content Marketing (anywhere from a simple blog to a full news website)
Envelope stuffing/basic mailers


Expense Reports
Budgeting and Planning
Reviewing Financial Service Options (eg. banks, credit card processors)

Consulting Services:

Full Marketing Strategy w/ outside vendors
Content Editing and Strategy
Political Media and Communication
Activism/Non-Profit Strategy and Political Conflict Advising
Community Engagement and Civics